5 artists you should follow during Inktober

You are an Inktober fan ? Let’s discover five talentuous artists. You won’t regret it, their art is stunning brilliant.

Inktober is beginning this Monday (1st of October). Artist who accepts the challenge must produce a drawing every day. And every year, in October, we can be delighted by hundreds and thousands of drawings… So, if you have pens, brushes, markers and pencils, you can try this creative challenge too!

Every year, some days before Inktober, I make a list of artists I will especially follow during the challenge. These are artists I discovered via Inktober and others I already knew and I especially like. So here are five artists from this loooong list. You will discover more of them on my blog in the days to come, because I will post regularly articles focused on one of the artists I had the luck to talk to.
Enough talk, let’s go to the list! (A french version of this post is avalaible here)

Moon, the alien touch

Moon (Olivier Menanteau) is a French artist and I’m not really sure if this guy is human, maybe it’s an illustrator with special powers like superheroes or maybe he is an alien. HE DRAWS ALMOST EVERY DAY, every year and his style is so specific. Last year his Inktober was inspired by Circle of Souls, a serie of short stories written by Z. Maselko.

Follow Moon on:

Derek Laufman and his animal heroic fantasy world

Rygone. More drawings of Derek Laufman, Ruinworld comic creator, on my blog. #inktober #inktober2017 #drawingchallenge #doodles #illustrationoftheday #characterdesign #illustrationartists #sketches #jakeparker #dereklaufman #ruinworld
Rygone – Ruinworld © Derek Laufman

Derek Laufman is the creator of the comic RuinWorld, he lives in one of my favorite town: London. You could find the characters of Ruinworld in his 2017’s Inktober, I hope we will meet them again. Follow him on Instagram, he sometimes records his drawing session live.

Follow Derek Laufman on:

Heikala, the wizard illustrator

Heikala is a watercolor and ink illustrator from Finland. Her drawings are colorful stunning masterpiece and reminds me the universe of J. K. Rowling. I’m dreaming of a special Harry Potter Edition illustrated by her.

Follow Heikala on:

Dani Diez… What else?

Who the hell is Dani Diez? Where does his imagination come from? I don’t really know but each of his drawing amazed me. Sometime it feels like the great Moebius. Follow him, he will wonder you every day.

Follow Dani Diez on:

Joe Olson dreadful funny creeps

Joe Olson is art director at Magic Leap. Where are his crazy characters coming from? They look dangerous and funny. Beware! If you follow him you may smile and laugh watching this drawings. I have warned you…

Joe Olson. More information on the artist on my blog #inktober #inktober2018 #drawings #sketches #illustration #illustrationart #illustrationartists #penandink #inspiration #artists #sketching #fantasyart #characterdesign #character #design #drawingchallenge #doodles #sketchbook #artisone #nimentrix #watercolor
Inktober 2017 © Joe Olson

Follow Joe Olson on:

One more thing…

I don’t know if this guy is doing Inktober this year, I hope he will. Meet Michael van den Bosch… His creatures are so horribly cute! This is a picture of his latest post on instagram. 

Michael van den Bosch. More information abut this artist on my blog. #inktober #inktober2018 #drawings #sketches #illustration #illustrationart #illustrationartists #penandink #inspiration #artists #sketching #fantasyart #characterdesign #character #design #drawingchallenge #doodles #sketchbook #artisone #nimentrix #watercolor
Cute creepy creatures © Michael van den Bosch

Follow Michael van den Bosch on :

You want to discover more artists?

Watch my Youtube serie « Inktober Memories » dedicated to great artists from Inktober. If you liked the videos, subscribe to my channel.  

Coming soon on my blog

Maria Dimova, Valérie Bastille, Dimitris Pantazis and Konstantin Vavilov will talk about their art, their favourite artists, their projects, and of course of Inktober. In the meantime you can read my teasing article about them here.

More information about the artists on my blog. #inktober #inktober2018 #drawings #sketches #illustration #illustrationart #illustrationartists #penandink #inspiration #artists #sketching #fantasyart #characterdesign #character #design #drawingchallenge #doodles #sketchbook #artisone #nimentrix #watercolor
Inktober 2017

If you have links to other great artists to share,
you can post them in the comments below.

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I share drawings of great artists from Inktober. I write articles about them on my blog. I may share about French comics artists, too 😉 Blogueur - découvreur d'artistes sur Inktober. Il m'arrive aussi d'écrire sur la Bande Dessinée.

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