Inktober 2018: 31 Shades of Art (Episode 2)

Tribute to talentuous artists of Inktober, the greatest drawing challenge of the year. This second episode features Heikala, Jim Bryson, Saoirse Lou and Maria Dimova.

Saoirse Lou, Heikala, Maria Dimova, Jim Bryson Find out more about this artists on my blog. #inktober #inktober2018 #drawings #painting #sketches #illustration #illustrationart #illustrationartists #inspiration #artists #sketching #characterdesign #character #design #drawingchallenge #sketchbook #artisone #nimentrix

I love Inktober’s diversity. Diversity of style, of origins, of point of views.  Some drawings amaze me, others drawings disturb me, some are questioning me, some are empowering me.
It’s all the magic of art

Speaking of magic: there will be many witches in today article. October is the Halloween month and the witchcraft theme inspire many artists.
There will be some monsters, too. And monsters are cool 😉 It’s interesting to ask ourselves why this monsters seem so frightening for us. Is it just because… Alright, enough deep questioning, enjoy this graphical ride 😉


Heikala is a watercolor and ink illustrator from Finland. I talked about her in another article, I wrote she was one of the Inktober’s artists you should follow this year, and I still believe it 😉
For this Inktober, her drawings had a very cinematographic Miyazaki feel.

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Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson is a canadian animator and illustrator from Toronto.
He is the co-creator of Nico and the Sword of Light, an animated comic book that has became an animated TV series avalaible on Amazon Prime Video.

I love Jimy Bryson‘s creepy creatures from his Inktober 2018 😉

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Saoirse Lou

Saoirse Lou is a british illustrator living in Poole, inspired by nature, folklore and… witchcraft 😉 Have a look at her  Inktober 2018 good witches.

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Maria Dimova

I already dedicated an entire blog post to Maria Dimova. Read it, you will find an interview and a video of her artwork inside. Here are some other witches from this talentuous moldavian artist.

Inktober Memories : Maria Dimova

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That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this graphical ride.
If you didn’t read the first episode, it’s avalaible here. 
You can comment below and share some of your favourite Inktober artists.
I will see you soon for another episode of this serie 🙂
You can subscribe to my my blog to be notify of the next article.
Don’t forget to follow this artists, they deserve it 🙂

Saoirse Lou, Heikala, Maria Dimova, Jim Bryson Find out more about this artists on my blog. #inktober #inktober2018 #drawings #painting #sketches #illustration #illustrationart #illustrationartists #inspiration #artists #sketching #characterdesign #character #design #drawingchallenge #sketchbook #artisone #nimentrix

Auteur : nimentrix

I share drawings of great artists from Inktober. I write articles about them on my blog. I may share about French comics artists, too 😉 Blogueur - découvreur d'artistes sur Inktober. Il m'arrive aussi d'écrire sur la Bande Dessinée.

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