Chiara Bautista: the star wolf, the masked woman and the bunnies

Discover Chiara Bautista mysterious and poetical world of illustration. This talentous mexican artist has created two unforgettable characters : the Bunny Girl and her love, the Star Wolf.

Some artist are mysterious, but Chiara Bautista is pure mystery. Who is this great illustrator only posting from time to time on her Facebook? I really knew few things about her: she is mexican, she lives in Tucson, Arizona and work for newspapers.

All I really know is that I’m in love with her graphical poetical alternative universe and especially some of characters: a long white haired naked woman wearing a bunny mask on her head accompanied by her love, a star wolf. There are bunnies too, and a (sometime) talking skull.

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Inktober 2018: 31 Shades of Art (Episode 4)

Welcome six other talentuous artists from Inktober, a great drawing challenge.

Art is emotion. Art is one of my passions and I love to share my discoveries  with you.  Have a look at the drawings of six great artists from Inktober 2018. I hope you will be moved by their art.
Enjoy this emotional graphical ride 🙂

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Inktober 2018: 31 Shades of Art (Episode 3)

Discover five other talentuous artists from the greatest drawing challenge of the year Inktober. This article features Sweeney Boo, Enrique Rivera, Konstantin Vavilov, Anna Meshchanova and Lydia Fenwick.

Today you will discover five other of my 31 favourite artists from Inktober 2018. They all have different styles, different universes, but they have one thing in common : a great artskill
Enjoy this graphical ride 🙂

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Inktober 2018: 31 Shades of Art (Episode 2)

Tribute to talentuous artists of Inktober, the greatest drawing challenge of the year. This second episode features Heikala, Jim Bryson, Saoirse Lou and Maria Dimova.

I love Inktober’s diversity. Diversity of style, of origins, of point of views.  Some drawings amaze me, others drawings disturb me, some are questioning me, some are empowering me.
It’s all the magic of art

Speaking of magic: there will be many witches in today article. October is the Halloween month and the witchcraft theme inspire many artists.
There will be some monsters, too. And monsters are cool 😉 It’s interesting to ask ourselves why this monsters seem so frightening for us. Is it just because… Alright, enough deep questioning, enjoy this graphical ride 😉

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Inktober 2018: 31 Shades of Art (Episode 1)

Tribute to many of the talentuous artists of Inktober, the greatest drawing challenge of the year. This first episode features Dyru, Alfredo Cáceres, Brittney Lee and Martina Naldi.

December is here with all the Christmas stuff but Inktober is always on my mind. So many great artists I discovered every year, and every year the talent of this illustrators amazes me.
It take so many hours, creativity and energy for a 31 drawings challenge…
And many cups of coffee, too ;-).

This month I will publish seven articles tribute to this illustrators.
There was 31 days for Inktober, there will be 31 artists featured here.
There is no ranking order, it’s not a « top 31 » thing. It is just a ways to share about men and women with great artistic skills and a stunning creativity. Enjoy this graphical artistic ride 😉

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31 tales illustrations by Dimitris Pantazis

Do you love tales, Alice in Wonderland and other stories ? Dimitris Pantazis love them too, they inspired him for a great serie of drawings he painted during Inktober 2018. Do you want to learn more about him and to have a look a his drawings ? Sit comfortably, it’s beginnng now. Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a greek artist named Dimitris Pantazis. I discovered his art last year during Inktober. I already wrote about him in my first article about Jake Parker‘s challenge, how I liked the way he played with mythological characters.

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The magical doodle art world of Barbara Sroka

Barbara Sroka style will immerse you in a magical world populated with strange creatures and mysterious characters. Discover her art in a stunning video slideshow. Learn more about her favourite artists, her drawing material and her projects in an interview.

Barbara Sroka is a polish artist. I discovered her artworks during Inktober 2018 and i was really hooked by her style. There is something from Moebius and Kerby Rosanes in her stroke,  her drawings are populated with shamans, magic,  monster, fantastic buildings and so many details that immerse you in her amazing universe. In a few words : Barbara Sroka rocks!

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Valerie Bastille, Godess of Inktober

You want to know more about Valerie Bastille, who is drawing deities for Inktober 2018 ? Discover her art in a stunning slideshow. She will tell us about her favourite artists, her drawing material and her projects.

Valerie Bastille is a canadian illustrator living in Montreal. Her drawing are populated with divine women with big make-up eyes, fantastic animals and a subtile melange of black and gold, with nuance of purple sometime. All this ingredients create a magical universe defining her drawing style.

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Maria Dimova et les sorcières d’Inktober

Découvrez les fascinants portraits féminins de Maria Dimova. Dans un entretien, la talentueuse illustratrice nous parle de ses artistes préférés, de littérature fantastique et de son matériel à dessin. Un article ensorcelant !

Maria Dimova est une illustratrice qui vit en République de Moldavie. Ses portraits féminins s’inspirent probablement de la littérature fantasy qu’elle lit. J’adore sa façon de jouer avec le noir et blanc en ajoutant juste une touche de couleur comme le rouge ou le bleu. Maria porte beaucoup d’attention à la chevelure de ses personnages féminins, avec des coiffures très élaborées qui ondulent doucement, poussées par un vent de magie… 
(You can read the english version of this article here)

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5 autres artistes à ne pas manquer pendant Inktober

Inktober, c’est le moment rêvé pour découvrir de nouveaux talentueux dessinateurs et illustratrices, illustrateurs et dessinatrices, streameuse et youtubeuse. Vous allez en prendre plein les mirettes, restez bien encré 😉

Nous sommes bientôt à la mi-Inktober. Certains artistes ont décidé de ne pas relever le défi cette année (comme le talentueux Moon dont je parlais dans l’article précédent, il est trop occupé à préparer une exposition que je vais découvrir cette semaine). D’autres artistes dessinent sans relâche tous les jours et je suis vraiment impressionné par la qualité de leurs dessins pour ce challenge Inktober. Mes longues heures passées sur Instagram, Twitter et compagnie m’ont permis de découvrir cinq autres artistes talentueux, et je souhaite partager cela avec vous. Si vous avez lu l’article précédent, vous retrouverez un dessinateur que je pourrais avoir convaincu de participer à Inktober… Vous en saurez plus à la fin de cet article 😉 (You can read the english version of this article here).

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5 more artists you should follow during Inktober

Discover five new talentuous artists drawing their best on Jake Parker’s challenge : Inktober. And our surprise guest is back !

Inktober first week is almost done. Some artists decided not to make the challenge this year (like Moon, a great artists I presented in last week post: he’s to busy working on his next show). Many others artists are drawing every day and I’m really impressed by their styles and inspirations. Let’s discover 5 more talentuous artists ! And a surprise guest may be back, too 😉

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Maria Dimova and the witches of Inktober

Unlock the doors leading to the wondeful magical illustrated world of Maria Dimova. Watch her mysterious witches in a stunning video! Discover her drawing material, favorites artists and future projects.

Maria Dimova is an illustrator from the Republic of Moldova. Her feminine portraits may be inspired by the fantasy litterature she reads. I love the way she plays with black and white adding some touch of color like red and blue. She seems particuliary focused on hair, with elaborate haidressing waving softly and magically…  (Version française de cet article disponible ici)

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