Inktober, the spring of Artists

Inktober : drawing is sharing ! Let’s discover seven great artists I found, thanks to Jake Parker’s challenge. Ready, Steady, Draw !

October, its rain, its mushrooms, and its millions of cartoonists making us dream, publishing a drawing every day. October is a delicious month because of Inktober… and Halloween is coming too… and us, frenchies, can celebrate comics at Quai des Bulles (a comics festival in a cute medieval city : Saint-Malo).

(Une version française de cet article est disponible ici).
Yeah, I have a thing for mushrooms.
Yeah, I love walking in the rain.
But, I must confess, my favorite pleasure in October is searching for drawings on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and other e-thing to be amazed by the talent of thousands artists taking up the Inktober‘s challenge.

Inktober ? What’s that ?

In 2009, Jake Parker, comics short-story creator, concept artist, illustrator, and animator, created Inktober, a worldwide art challenge where artists do a different ink drawing every single day of October. That’s 31 drawings in 31 days ! And I know some crazy artists doing more than this (yeah, there are some in the following paragraphs…)

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t doing the drawings, but coming up with 31 different ideas of what to draw.  Since 2016 there is an official prompt list to help artists generate ideas. There are many, many unofficial prompt lists available on the internet because INDEPENDANT ARTISTS LOVE TO CHOOSE !!!! Ok, I should calm down, CAPS are bad 😉

Didn’t you understand anything I just explained,  because my french english is way too bad ? 😉 So, listen to « Mister » Jake Parker, he knows exactly what he is talking about.
I will be cooking mushrooms while you’re watching.


One week, seven days, seven of heart

This blog post is featuring seven great illustrators. My (secret) goal is to make you discover this artists, hoping you eventually decide to follow them, support them on Patreon, Kickstarter or whatever crowdfunding flavours you like. Or maybe purchase one of their works… and then decide to offer me one of their drawing as a present… Tsss, I’m just kidding, I don’t know the magic english hypnotic words for that… Or do I ? 😉

Seven artists only ? Don’t panic guys, you can find more than 350 inkdrawings pinned on my Pinterest Board, and it’s growing every day and may reach a thousand before Halloween. Not enough ? You can follow me on Twitter where I (french) tweet and retweet many artists works. And sometime I may talk about mushrooms cooking too…


Le Magicien © Verdigo
The Magician – Le Magicien © Verdigo

This year, the mysterious (and talented) artist Verdigo is drawing tarot cards and zodiacal signs. Let me do the maths : 22 cards and 12 signs… There will be 34 drawings for 31 days ! Crazy ! Or maybe there are three secret hidden days in October… Next time I’ll see Fox Mulder, we’ll discuss about that… Back to Verdigo‘s work : the drawing are from the « traditional » symbolism, but who cares ?  I really loved the way she played with the Emperor, penguins are so cute.
Evereyday, I’m waiting for her next drawing. Her tarot may have put a spell on me…

Follow Verdigo on :

Instagram :
Etsy Shop :

Margaret Morales

Loup © Margaret Morales
Loup © Margaret Morales

Margaret Morales love creating watercolour paintings and female portraits. Her « Inktober shamanic Day 1 » stunned me (I like the wolves very much, look at my Chiara Bautista posts).

Follow Margaret Morales on :

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Youtube :


Leo © Srta.M

Welcome to the zodiacal and colorful world of Srta. M (Manoli Lôpez). Like Verdigo, this Spanish freelance illustrator works on the astrological theme … There are only twelve zodical signs, so what will she draw after the 12th day ? She will paint other constellations, take a look at her promp list :

Liste des constellations © Srta.M
Srta.M promp list : constellation © Srta.M

Some revelant informations about this artist : her favourite tea is Genmaicha (a green tea combined with roasted brown rice, it’s delicious !). She doesn’t have a cat yet but maybe one day… It’s probably written in the stars 😉

Follow Srta.M on :

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Dimitrios Pantazis

Poison © Dimitrios Pantazis
Poison © Dimitrios Pantazis

Dimitrios is « a caffeine-addicted image wizard ». This Inktober, the artist decided to revisit the mythology of his country, Greece, and it’s wondeful ! Dimitrios is talented and generous, too : he offered his shy Hamadryad to one Instagram follower.

Follow Dimitrios Pantazis on :

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Bonus Video : Inktober Memories

Cam Kendell

Mortimer © Cam Kendell
Mortimer © Cam Kendell

Cam Kendell is an illustrator and comics book writer who decided to draw an entire comic strip for Inktober. First page were drawn during Inktober 2016 and the story of Mortimer the ghost will be done for Halloween. If you like the story, you can support him when he will launch a Kickstarter to print it.

Follow Cam Kendell on :

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Suheb Zako

Portail © Suheb Zako
Portail © Suheb Zako

Suheb Zako‘s illustrations are incredibly vivid. Every time I look at one of them, I am directly immersed in the character’s story. His superb « Inktober Day 1 » (see above) allowed me to discover a french comic strip illustrator, whose first comic book should be released in France for Christmas.

Follow Suheb Zako on :

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Lena Sayaphoum

Mort © Lena Sayaphoum

Lena is a french comics illustrator. She has published Emma and Capucine in France. She is working with Suheb Zako on his comics project. That’s how I discovered her, following Suheb’s links. This is Inktober‘s magic : during 30 days, exploring one artist work can lead you to another talented one and so on. I really love this exploration, this treasure hunt, that’s the reason why I’m writing this post today (and even translating it). I love Inktober, I love pinning every gems I found in my Pinterest board and share them with you. This is my quest…

For this Inktober Lena’s quest is about love, kings and skeletons.

Follow Lena Sayaphoum on :

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Dargaud :

Inktober’s drawing sharing !

As I mentioned earlier, these seven artists represent only a part of my Inktober discoveries, there’s more to discover on my Pinterest board, my Twitter account and in future posts.

Inktober is an excellent way to discover illustrators. It is also the moment where each of us can take his pen, draw and share his own creations. It’s so great : there are more than 1 million drawings with the #inktober2017 hashtag on Instagram ! It’s never too late to start, so come on, let’s draw to the mall ! (sorry, I’m an How I met your Moher fan…)

Drawing is great and so is sharing ! If you found gems during your Inktober‘s quest, be my guest and please share them in comments area below !
You can share you own Inktober‘s drawing, too !

See you soon with new discoveries…

You want to discover more artists?

Watch my Youtube serie « Inktober Memories » dedicated to great artists from Inktober. If you liked the videos, subscribe to my channel.

Thanks fo reading this post 🙂 Your comments, likes and share are welcome 😉 If you liked this post, you can subscribe to my blog 🙂

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