The Enchanting Curse

Once upon a time a famous tale character is talking about her sleep to a therapist… A short story illustrated by a drawing of Dimitris Pantazis.

It’s a new year and I want to try something different. I will post on my blog short stories illustrated by the great artists I discovered.
Let’s begin with a « Once upon a time… » story and one Inktober drawing from a great storyteller artist: Dimitris Pantazis.

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Inktober 2018: 31 Shades of Art (Episode 4)

Welcome six other talentuous artists from Inktober, a great drawing challenge.

Art is emotion. Art is one of my passions and I love to share my discoveries  with you.  Have a look at the drawings of six great artists from Inktober 2018. I hope you will be moved by their art.
Enjoy this emotional graphical ride 🙂

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31 tales illustrations by Dimitris Pantazis

Do you love tales, Alice in Wonderland and other stories ? Dimitris Pantazis love them too, they inspired him for a great serie of drawings he painted during Inktober 2018. Do you want to learn more about him and to have a look a his drawings ? Sit comfortably, it’s beginnng now. Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a greek artist named Dimitris Pantazis. I discovered his art last year during Inktober. I already wrote about him in my first article about Jake Parker‘s challenge, how I liked the way he played with mythological characters.

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Inktober revient !

Quand Ned Stark rencontre Jake Parker, vous savez que quelque chose vient…. Avec, en artistes invités de cette mini parodie du Trône de Fer à la sauce Inktober : Maria Dimova, Valerie Bastille, Dimitris Pantazis et Konstantin Vavilov..

C’était quelques jours avant le 1er octobre. Je cherchais des idées pour un nouvel article sur mon blog. Le sujet était Inktober, et je cherchais un angle original, mais rien ne venait. J’ai regardé la page blanche du traitement de texte sur mon ordinateur portable, j’ai soupiré, j’ai déplacé la souris lentement sur le bureau et j’ai cliqué sur le pilote de la série Game of Thrones. Oui, je suis un procrastinateur, j’avoue. Je m’ennuyais, aucune idées n’émergeait, j’étais fatigué. J’ai fin par m’endormir devant l’épisode que j’avais déjà vu et revu. (English version of this article is here)

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Inktober is coming ! (A game of tones)

When Ned Stark meets Jake Parker, you know something is coming… Guests artists are Maria Dimova, Valerie Bastille, Dimitris Pantazis and Konstantin Vavilov.

It was a few days before the first of October. I was searching ideas for my new blog article to come. It was about Inktober, and I wanted something fresh and original, but nothing was coming. I looked at the white page on my laptop, I sighed, move the mouse on the desktop and launch the pilot of Game of Thrones. Yes, I am a procrastinator, I confess. I was bored. I was tired. I felt asleep.

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